What does adidas represent? What do you represent? And what’s up in Indonesia?

After Nike, Adidas is the world’s second biggest producer of Sportswear, the company saw a profit of $671 million in 2011 (according to their 2011 Annual Report). PT Kizone was a company in Tangerang, Indonesia that employed around 2,800 workers and produced clothing for Adidas, Nike, the Dallas Cowboys and other smaller brands. In the main, the garments that were produced were branded University clothing and other merchandise for the American market – a multi-million dollar deal.

In spite of that the supplier had to be declared bankrupt in April 2011 after a long problematic period. The employees were out of a job and left without the $3.4 million in outstanding wages and severance that was owed to them. To put that another way – every single PT Kizone worker was owed almost a whole year’s pay.

The workers have already received part of this money from some of the factory’s larger buyers. Adidas, however, is still refusing to take any responsibility for the remaining amount that falls to them: $1.8 million. Adidas offered the workers food vouchers redeemable at Alfa Mart supermarkets that amounted to a pittance in comparison to the $1.8 million. The workers quite rightly rejected the vouchers as a legitimate substitute for the severance pay owed to them.

Hear from the workers themselves …


adidas#represents is brought to you by a collection of activists critical of consumption and globalization to stand in solidarity with the 2.800 textile workers in Indonesia and their fight against adidas and their reckless business practices.

Like many other international (clothing) companies, adidas’ name surfaces time and time again in association with grave labour law violations in factories in the global south.

November 2012 sees an international Month of Action in which we, along with other groups in Germany, Holland, Austria, Switzerland, the UK and the US are putting pressure on the sportswear giant with a variety of on- and offline actions. You too, can get involved and support PT Kizone in their fight for what’s owed to them – a fight for justice!


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Insulting offer of adidas food vouchers rejected by workers

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